Crazy About Blogging... Sometimes

I really love to write! Although I find it hard to find the time, sometimes I get to write some cool stuff. The bulk of what I've written recently can be seen over at the mmlnyc.tumblr.com where I post about all the fun Instagram campaigns that our company produces. 

I started a few other blogs as well, however I've been lacking the time to really make them pop. Since summer is well on it's way - things are about to change! Stay tuned for lots of updates on my new projects that I will be starting this summer! Hint hint - lots of travel writing about all the countries and places within them that I visited last month! OH speaking of which - you can check out a few of my trip blogs over here --> http://triptease.com/profile/jaclyn-sovern/reviews. 


Stay tuned! Thanks for the continued support! My favorite thing to hear is of those who come over to me in person and say how much they love seeing my pictures on instagram and facebook everyday, that drives me to keep posting and sharing with everyone!