April 2016

Why, hello! 

A lot can happen in just a few months. I officially left my full time job, to start a new one! 

I started my own company, Socially Relevant LLC, for day to day social media management and content creation. I've been having a lot of fun (and agitation) learning all about what it means to be your own boss, run your own business, and making sure all the documents are in order. 

I really enjoy getting to work with so many different clients with all different types of needs and different things for me to throw myself into and often get to photograph! As of right now my main clients are the SVA Film and Animation Department, Signmasters Inc, and Hudson Bread. These are the three clients I currently work with every single day as their social media manager. I have a few other clients whom I advise on a weekly basis as well. 

I'm not sure if anyone reads these updates but if you do, thank you for staying up to date with me. 




Hey everyone! 

Happy 2016. I wish you all a healthy and a happy new year. 


Starting off 2016, I've been the full time social media manager of NYonAir and FlyNYON! 

On the side, I'm running social media and photographing for CraneTV, The SVA Film and Animation Department, and am about to start with Morali Architects. 

I've now graduated college with a BFA in Fine Arts with a specialization in photography. I have lots of fun things planned for what's to come, but that's all I want to mention for now! 

Keep in touch 




2015 Update!

Hello everyone! 

I hope 2015 has started great for all, I have some great updates that have been going on recently! 

I have been working for NYonAir and Crane TV for a little over 5 months now.

  • At NYonAir I manage social media, where I advise on social strategies for their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr platforms alongside running their blog! Also, I often get to fly and photograph behind the scenes for the company, which will soon be its own little personal project within my websites and happens to be my senior thesis project.
  • At Crane TV I am a social media advisor. The biggest account I work on is for Absolut Elyx, the current BEST tasting vodka in the world, no lie. I help strategize on social media growth, while curating and photographing for the Instagram feed and events. Most recently I've started to help advise on the Instagram account for Crane TV

In February I was featured in Issue 5 of Street Dreams Magazine, in the curated section from the Instagram hashtag #streetdreamsmag. Alongside that accomplishment, my tumblr recently passed 2k followers, and one of my images has surpassed 70k notes (which for those who don't speak the Tumblr lingo, "notes" are the amount of Likes+Reblogs that a post gets.) 

My goal for March will be to finally hit 5k followers on Instagram! A goal I actually hit back in December before the "Instapurge". 

Thanks so much for following along, and to those who support me on a daily basis! 


What's next? 

Tomorrow, 2/28, I embark on a 2 week trip to London (for my very first time) to work with Crane Tv on Instagram brand strategies. The weekend directly following London, I believe I will be in Miami for some fun, yet-to-be-announced launch ;).  I will be graduating from college with a BFA Honors in Photography in May and I then have a 10-Day Birthright Israel Outdoors trip lined up for June, as well as my annual road trip to Vermont for late July! I'm quite excited for this all, and will be sharing on all social media platforms. 




Started A New Job!

Last Friday (September 26, 2014) I started a new job! 

I will be working at NY On Air (Instagram, Website, Facebook) working mainly as a Community Outreach Coordinator. I'm extremely excited to be working with this company, one whose trajectory I've been following for about a year now. 


Also, last night I hit 4,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you all for the continued support! 

Gallery Showing!

My first gallery showing! Come see my photos at The Broadway Gallery from June 4th - 27th! Opening night June 4th from 6-8, can't wait to see you all there!

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Crazy About Blogging... Sometimes

I really love to write! Although I find it hard to find the time, sometimes I get to write some cool stuff. The bulk of what I've written recently can be seen over at the mmlnyc.tumblr.com where I post about all the fun Instagram campaigns that our company produces. 

I started a few other blogs as well, however I've been lacking the time to really make them pop. Since summer is well on it's way - things are about to change! Stay tuned for lots of updates on my new projects that I will be starting this summer! Hint hint - lots of travel writing about all the countries and places within them that I visited last month! OH speaking of which - you can check out a few of my trip blogs over here --> http://triptease.com/profile/jaclyn-sovern/reviews. 


Stay tuned! Thanks for the continued support! My favorite thing to hear is of those who come over to me in person and say how much they love seeing my pictures on instagram and facebook everyday, that drives me to keep posting and sharing with everyone! 

Jersey Girls have entered the website!

For over 2 years I've documented the life of Jersey Girls as it relates to and contrasts to the stigma around the Jersey Shore, and other typical "jersey" stereotypes. I've added the first 2 years of film work to this website on that series, mainly in 35mm color film, developed and printed in the darkroom on 11x14 paper and then scanned into the computer. Also, a good majority are also disposable cameras with the negatives scanned onto a computer. I have been continuing this work in digital. 

Current/Most Recent Projects!

I may be running all over, but you can catch me always at @jsovs on Instagram! 

Since the beginning of the summer, I've been running the @heartofteausa Instagram as well as working with them on publishing my first book New York! Stay tuned for details on how to purchase! 

I've been asked to take part in a young artist collective, the Visual Arts Initiative.

I've recently become a contributor to Untapped Cities, as well as a frequent poster to their Instagram account @untapped cities. 

I'm the newest Intern/Outreach Coordinator at The Mobile Media Lab, a creative social media agency that shapes the way brands advertise on instagram. 

I want to thank everyone who has supported me up until now, and thanks to anyone new who plans on supporting me in the future. Your belief in me drives me to think further, thank you!